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Hello everyone!
I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying your holidays :la:

Welcome to the second installment of Draw With Us! The topic I've picked this month is Scenery and Landscapes, mainly because apart from being one of my favourite topics it seems to be where Digital artists can really struggle. There have been quite a few deviations rejected from this group because even though the subject matter is done really well, the background needs a lot of work.
It seems however that I've made the mistake of underestimating just how expansive this topis really is, so to make things easier I'm going to focus on natural landscapes more rather than cityscapes and man made settings.

The first lot of tutorials that I wanted to share were a few on Perspective and Composition because they play such a large part in Landscape paintings. Some of the later tutorials have some notes about perspective, but these are exclusive to the topic;
Perspective Study 33 CW by JustIRaziel 3-Point Perspective Study 36CW by JustIRaziel Perspective + Composition Pt.1 by fox-orian Perspective + Composition Pt.2 by fox-orian The Secret to Composition by Lulie
How to make a perspective grid:…

From there we can move on to painting the actual scenery!
These are some excellent tutorials utilising composition and perspective rules into Landscape paintings;
Quick Environment Breakdown by JackEavesArt    Depth and Atmosphere TUTORIAL by vandervals  Inside Environment Painting by aiRaGe Environment Tutorial - Through the Valley by JenniferEasley

Walkthroughs on landscaping;
K04sk Environment Tutorial 2 by k04sk landscape tutorial by digital-fantasy K04sk Environment Tutorial by k04sk Quest step-by-step by AM-Markussen Rock Climbing Tutorial by k04sk Landscape tutorial by ChrisBjors landscape speedpaint tutorial by oione Strangers tutorial part1 by oione Strangers tutorial part 2 by oione Frigid Warmth Walkthrough by Rahll
Landscaping processes without written steps;
Discovery process by eWKn Kingdom of eternals by jameswolf
An excellent video process by ReneAigner…

Now that you have the composition and ground work of your painting we can work on detailing. Here are some tutorials giving tips on three main sections that I've picked: Sky, Earth, Water

Sky Tutorial by Vakhara Clouds tutorial by MinnaSundberg Another cloud tutorial by mirchiz Cloud Tutorial + Video by Laitma Tutorial: Painting Sky in PS by ToySkunk Sky tutorial by Charanty Starry Sky Tutorial by Remy-cake
Rainbow Tutorial - The Great Skywatcher Guide by DarkSilverflame This one gets a section of its own because it's done so well.
And for those who prefer videos, here's one on speedpainting clouds…

scarypet's SnowyMountTUTORIAL by scarypet ROCK FACE TUTORIAL by Snigom Scarypet's LAVA TUTORIAL by scarypet How to speedpaint green chaos. by nathie

Water Tutorial by MinnaSundberg scarypet's watery waves tutorial!! by scarypet Tiny tips: Water: Reflections by Ranarh

To finish off I'm going to leave you with some of my favourite Landscape and Scenery works for inspiration;
Snow Den by Fenris31 Banishment by HippyHoudini Scorched earth by arcipello Spectator by TamplierPainter Stonehold by JonasDeRo Alm-Atias Refuge by andreasrocha The City of Galatea by FerdinandLadera Sacrament - Tribute. by TitusLunter The Explorers IV by TitusLunter Bloodstone Oasis by noahbradley The Coming Darkness by noahbradley Stockholm 2100 A.D by AndreeWallin Alien landscape by AndreeWallin p82 by HBDesign p92 by HBDesign Envo... by velinov Rooty-Tooty by Wildweasel339 The path to Barbarian Village by Zethrix
(Sorry for the photo spam. I love Landscape works so I got a little carried away..)

And for those who prefer inspiration from the real thing, these are some of my favourite Photography works;
Black Tusk by IvanAndreevich Untitled Kalalau Valley by aFeinPhoto-com April Showers by aFeinPhoto-com Swirl - NCB by coulombic 213 by AL-AMMAR
Pulpit Rock by Caravela Black Mountain Sunset by Mohain mountain panorama. by DoWhoRanZone Land of nowhere... by emmanueldautriche

Thank you for joining me this month!
Feel free to suggest any topics you would like to see covered and I'll see you all next time :D

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Kitsuru Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013   Digital Artist
This is really useful!I'm definitely gonna take a look at those tutorials. I want to fav all of the inspiration pieces *-*
ArtofOdd Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome job
endave Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for this! I still have a lot to learn when painting people, but I struggle beyond reasoning with landscapes and general scenery :(
OlliSiponkoski Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Funny... I find painting landscapes easiest. People and architectural stuff is the hardest for me.
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