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Hello everyone!

As our group has been expanding we are finding that we can't keep up with the amount of submissions we have been receiving which has resulted in a lot of them expiring before they are voted on. Because of this we have decided to recruit some more members :)

If you're interested in joining and helping out please send us a note :D

Thank you!

Edit: Thank you guys for all the interest in helping this group! We've recruited a few new members and are on top of the voting again so we have stopped recruiting for the moment :)
Hey guys,
I'm sorry to have disappeared for so long! I had terrible internet for a long time (which makes it impossible to search resources) and then my personal life has been a massive distraction. I have managed to take the time to write a journal for this month at least and the topic is Skin :)

To start with, skin colour is one of the hardest things for me to pin point on a palette. I always go too pink! So I find these swatches incredibly useful

Skin Color Swatches by DeviantNep Skin Colour + Others  Palette by Spudfuzz SKIN: a chart - SUPPLEMENT IMG by navate Skin swatches 2 by daylightdreams Skin Tone tips by moni158 Skin Tone Swatches by Rahll Skintone Swatches II by Xadrea

These are tutorials are on understanding skin tone and how to use those colours
Skintone Tutorial part 1 by KristinaGehrmann Skintone Tutorial part 2+3 by KristinaGehrmann Skintone Tutorial part 4 by KristinaGehrmann Skintone Tutorial part 5+6 by KristinaGehrmann What Skin Colors? by Smirtouille Basic Skin Swatches and Tutorial by TobyFoxArt   SKIN: a tutorial - Part 1 by navate SKIN: a tutorial - Part 2 by navate

These brushes are skin specific, but you will find a lot of brush sets on DA will have one or two very useful brushes for skin
Skin Pores Brushes by nathies-stock APs Brushes: Skin Textures by NatalieHijazi Skin Texture Brushes by nathie Skin and Hair Texture Brushes by castrochew Skin Brushes by env1ro Texture+Brushes: Skin by CGCookie

Tutorials time!
Romanticfae's Skin Tutorial by RomanticFae I have found this one is the best place to start

SKIN: a tutorial - Part 1 by navate SKIN: a tutorial - Part 2 by navate

Tutorial - skin, faces by gothic-icecream Coloring Skin Tutorial by sleckt Tutorial: Painting Skin in PS by ToySkunk dark skin tone by ceruleanvii Skin Tutorial by ryky Coloring Skin in Photoshop by mree Realistic face tutorial (english version) by millegas How to draw Skin (SAI) by Cristo69 Skin Tut by shesta713 Skin Tutorial by acidlullaby Skin Tutorial - V1 by Packwood

Adding details to skin

Adding Skin Texture by Sheridan-J Skin Texture Tutorial by Aameeyur adding detail to skin - PS by ceruleanvii Skin Demo by Charlie-Bowater

Inspiration :)
Portrait of K.O. by VirginieCarquin Likewise by mckadesinsanity Forced Serenity by lithriel Forbidden love by Sayara-S The Skin by AURORY SuckerPunch. Babydoll by DjamilaKnopf Ms Pain by Artgerm Tempestarii by Dianae

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will see you all again soon!
Hello everyone :) Welcome to the next installment of Draw with Us. This round I'm going to be looking at Hair resources (my arch nemisis, I struggle the most with painting hair)

To start off with you may want to download some Hair Brushes - these are not necessarily dedicated to to just hair, but are packs with a few useful brushes.
Skin and Hair Texture Brushes by castrochew Hair Tutorial Brushes by nathie My Brush Pack by DanLuVisiArt lazy brush set by vesner Brushes for Photoshop cs5 6 cc UPDATE by FeliceMelancholie

Basic ways to use hair brushes:
Hair tutorial by TholiaArt

And now onto the tutorials! For those who don't want to go through all of them trying to find a good one, this 4 part series by Sheridan-J is a good place to start:
Painting Hair - Part 1: Intro by Sheridan-J Painting Hair - Part 2: Base by Sheridan-J Painting Hair -Part 3: Texture by Sheridan-J Painting Hair -Part 4: Detail by Sheridan-J

More tutorials
Hair Tutorial by liiga hair drawing tutorial by Abuze How to draw hair by leejun35 Hair tutorial by leejun35
Hair Tutorial by JenniferHealy PS - quick hair tutorial by ceruleanvii Digital Hair / Portrait Painting Tutorial part 2 by me-illuminated Hair Tutorial - Second Edition by OneFreeInternet Hair Coloring Tutorial by MissNysha Let's draw some hair by DrMistyTang
Tutorial: More Detailed Hair (Page 8) by ReiRobin :thumb369904441: Tutorial: Painting Hair in PS by ToySkunk Tutorial: Painting Hair Part 2 by ToySkunk hair full tutorial by dypsomaniart
Hair tutorial by CindysArt Hair Painting Walkthrough by nathie Raina steps by Zolaida Hair Painting Tutorial by Mavrosh Hair Coloring Tutorial - Eeren's Way by Eeren

And as always, here's a little bit of digital inspiration
Death unfold me by fdasuarez Death of a siren by Todaviia 131 by diegoidef Drown by FionaMeng Commission: Katrenn by mckadesinsanity
Howl by Charlie-Bowater Commission: Lara by Selenada

Mature Content

fingerprints.. by vinegar

Mature Content

All the glory that I bare by fdasuarez
g r a v i t y by Charlie-Bowater

Or for those who prefer the real thing
insider 2011 - 09 by Hart-Worx Olga III by Hart-Worx Pale beauty 4 by MissCarriage Kendra Hair by zemotion

Thanks for reading everyone and I'll see you all again soon!
Hey guys! Welcome to this months installment :) I'm continuing on the theme of Portrait painting from last month, but this time will cover the ears (there are not enough tutorials on ears!), nose and mouth. I hope you find this useful =D


Painting Ear Walk-thru by Rach-Resources Facial Reference: The Ears by CGCookie For the Untalented - Face - 6 by CrypticButterfly ear tutorial by twosilverstars


Nose Painting Tutorial by propensity Nose Painting by acidlullaby Nose tutorial by NImportant For the Untalented - Face - 2 by CrypticButterfly Facial Reference: The Nose by CGCookie Tutorial: realistic nose by cgart4u Nose tutorial by calleena Everything Concerning Noses by Mytherea


Tuto - THE MOUTH by Darwem0 Basic lip painting steps by Cellesria How to paint a portrait PartII by Calaymo Part 2 - Lips by gothic-icecream Painting Lips by AURORY Lip Painting Tutorial by acidlullaby The Lip by AURORY Fantasy Lips Tutorial by JoJoesArt Study sketch + tutorial. Mouth. by Cthulhu-Great

Facial Expressions / Unique Features

Basic Expression Tutorial by Jejihu Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 3 by jeinu Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjb Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 2 by jeinu

And to finish I have some inspiration for you all :)
Femme Fatale - by DanLuVisiArt VENUS WAKES UP by AURORY Look at me by OmarDiazArt Rock'n Elven Chick by lithriel
:thumb152263760: Robert Joseph Mayfield by nathie Jess Brandon Hartley by nathie Electric by DjamilaKnopf
Tink by lithriel Ceia by DeivCalviz Portrait of K.O. by VirginieCarquin The Little Mermaid by sharandula
GW2 Shan sketch by vinegar Commission for Beautiful Antique Jewelry by Viccolatte Laura Timmins by JuneJenssen Commission Portraits -Set 6 by Saimain Sketch Bust by Charlie-Bowater

Happy Easter everyone and I'll see you all again next month!

Hello everyone, it's that time again =D

This month I planned to cover painting Portraits, but after researching resources I realised that there is just too much content so I'm going to split this topic up into two journals. I'll start off with over all steps for painting a portrait and detailing the eyes, and next month will cover the nose and mouth as well as include some of my favourite portrait pieces :)
It means this journal will be shorter than usual but I hope you still find it useful!

So to continue from my anatomy journal last month, these are tutorials on how to structure the face
Tutorial on facial proportions by Hyoko-x3 Tutorial: How to draw a face by D17rulez For the Untalented - Face - 1 by CrypticButterfly Drawing a Face - 1 by IsraLlona Drawing a Face - 2 by IsraLlona Profile tutorial by LalaineRG Tues 4: Head in Perspective by genekelly

And now on to portrait painting!
This is definitely one of my favourites by nom-nom-pancake   Realistic portrait tutorial by nom-nom-pancake
and here is a great series by lithriel Digital Painting Tutorial Pt I by lithriel Digital Painting Tutorial Pt 2 by lithriel Step by Step of a Realistic Portrait (Tink) by lithriel

Other portrait tutorials;
Portrait Painting Tutorial by acidlullaby Walkthrough and Blather - Agrona Tabris by DragonReine Face Tutorial 1 by AkubakaArts Painting Tutorial by TheGuardianDragon Digital face / portrait painting tutorial part 1 by me-illuminated :thumb151929947: Photoshop - Painting a face by sirasan Digital Portrait Painting Tutorial by sahabiha Digital Portrait Painting Tutorial Sheet by sahabiha face tutorial by nattzvart

Step by Step portraits without instruction;
Di process by LAS-T Grietje Portrait Walkthrough.. by Norke Close up images of new artwork by AURORY

Video process:… (I never get tired of watching this, it's fantastic)

Now that we have the base done, I wanted to move on to detailing the eyes. The amount of tutorials out there for this topic is crazy so I've tried to cut down a bit!
For your eyes only by crayonmaniac glossy eye tutorial - with a VIDEO! (edit!) by Anako-ART :thumb339736080: Eye Tutorial by Bonnie-Anne Fantasy Eyes Tutorial by JoJoesArt How to paint eyes by acidlullaby Eye tutorial - an update by acidlullaby :thumb263286229: Drawing a realistic eye by Edana How to paint a portrait PartI by Calaymo Paiting eye by AURORY TUTO - Sam's eye by the-evil-legacy Realistic eye tutorial by Blattaphile Facial Reference: The Eyes by CGCookie
If you don't want to go through all of those, this particular series is very good: How to draw realistic EYE - Part 1/3 by StephanieVALENTIN How to draw realistic EYE - Part 2/3 by StephanieVALENTIN How to draw realistic EYE - Part 3/3 by StephanieVALENTIN How to draw a realistic eye by StephanieVALENTIN

Videos for painting the eye:……… (I always find it easiest to learn from watching a video so I highly recommend these)

Eyebrows Painting Realistic Eyebrows! by Sheridan-J

And finally for inspiration, these are some of my favourite paintings of eyes. It was surprisingly hard to find any amazing eye drawings, so if you know of any that you think are excellent let me know and I'll include them :)
Fire Eyes by DarkSilverflame Finish the eyes by AURORY Eye painting by Blacleria

As always, I hope this was useful and I'll see you next month :la:


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